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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Widgets Around the Marina

Various objects d'interest.  Unlike people, these objects pose nicely for a shot.

I'm a bit worried, I may be standing on a helicopter landing pad.

Or a NASA landing pad.  Clearly this Mars lander has gone astray.

Infrastructure needs maintenance.  How do you know?  When your fire hydrants start bleeding, it's time to repair them.

Inside the microbus it was packed with similar sorts of toys.

Reflections off the water.

The last time we saw a Malibu Kayak, we were in Alcoutim in the far eastern side of Portugal on the river between Spain and Portugal.

I refused to walk under this sculpture.  I was afraid of bird poop.

Keep our beaches what?  Clean?  Hah.  Beautiful?  Definitely not.  Neat.  Well, maybe.  Such an attractive trash can.  Most of them don't have the lowfat cottage cheese container.

Purpose?  A spot of yellow at the beach?  Something to moor your bicycle to, although they tend to float away from these things anyway.  Perhaps they are there to keep you from driving your ATV over the water pipes hidden on the other side?

This used to be a full service bathroom.  If you go around to the other side, you'll find the toilet.

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