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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Balconies of San Antonio

Visit to San Antonio.  Photos batch two.  These are of balconies.  Mostly apartments and hotels and one restaurant.

San Antonio has stark repetitive geometric designs in many places.  This is one example. 

Solar panels on the roof.  And a fire escape there on the left. Clouds and sky reflected in building windows. 

This is a shot out a window of the hotel Valencia.  San Antonio has many warm-colored buildings and views like this.  I particularly like the sun reflected off a window left of center.  It isn't a big courtyard as you can tell by the tiles at the bottom of the picture.  

And this is the same view out the same window of the same hotel Valencia.  Those big pots are for cooking industrial sized portions of food. 

This balcony was on the river walk.  I like the multiple geometric patterns, the glass, some reflections, the different directions and lines. 

This is a larger shot showing more of the background.  You can see what's been left out of the previous picture. 

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