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Thursday, March 25, 2010

San Antonio: Water, Light and Reflections

More photos from San Antonio, Texas.  These are pictures involving water and light and their interplay.  You might think of water and light as mostly cheerful and pretty, but some of these photos reflect the glumness underfoot in SA TX. 

A fountain in front of the cathedral, the kind kids love to play in.  Ok.  Frolic in.  I wasn't going to say "frolic". 

Reflections on the bridge underside.

Another San Antonio fountain.  I like the water textures in the falls. 

Not every piece of water is beautiful and pleasant and you want to hang out nearby. 

Waterfall down stairs.  Gotta love stairs. 

Rough water in the Riverwalk water. 

This is not a picture of the building.  Neither is it a picture of the water.  It is a picture of the reflection of the building on the water. 

And these ducks were frolicking in the reflections of the building.  There.  Said "frolic" again.  That's the problem with water.  Almost only thing to do is "frolic". 

Dark and gloomy reflections. 

Another less than famous waterway. 

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