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Thursday, March 25, 2010

San Antonio: Signs of the Times

San Antonio had more than its share of noteworthy signs. 

Colorful maps of the city were everywhere.  The traditional West is placed comfortably at the top.  Or you can tilt your head 90 degrees to the right. 

Resources for human department.  I liked the building.  Google says the address means 'parade ground' or 'barrack square'. 

This beautify San Antonio award was incredibly ugly. 

The Spanish Governor's Palace is temporarily closed.  Since 1845.  You'll just have to make due with state government in the meantime. 

It's not no-parking if you're a member of city council.  If I were a politician, I wouldn't want the entire city to know that I'd reserved the best parking spots for myself.  I'd turn these into handicap spots.  And suppose a deranged constituent became upset with their council member? 

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