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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fire Escapes in San Antonio

Visited San Antonio.  A number of pictures to share with you.  This set is of stairs, really fire escapes.  San Antonio has many older buildings.  No doubt without adequate fire safety systems.  The fire escapes presumably are a necessary part of their safety features.

Unfortunately I don't know the names of the buildings in San Antonio for you.  This might be City Hall.  Please add building names in the comments!

Apartment/hotel.  With great shadows!

Long distance photo.  Looks like a hospital building. 

The big picture.  The previous and this photo were taken standing on the same spot!  And a few more stairs on the left. 

Gotta love those old buildings.  And clouds and some sky. 

I keep thinking the last and this picture are of the same building.  Check the doors on the fire escapes.  Same doors!  Same color!  Different buildings. Addendum after posting: Feeling guilty: these might be the same buildings, but different sides. 

Profile view of fire escape. 

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