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Thursday, March 25, 2010

San Antonio: Buildings

Buildings in San Antonio. 

First a panoramic shot out the hotel window, complete with smudge.  The vehicles on the freeway look like toys, all red or yellow.  The Drury Plaza Hotel on the left, the football dome just to its right, the hexagon right of center is the Tower Life Building.  On the far right is the Grand Hyatt San Antonio. 

What tour de San Antoine would be complete without a shot of ye olde Alamo.  Remember this, because Avis, Budget, Enterprise and Hertz won't want you to.  The line snakes around the corner, but moves quickly, possibly because there is virtually nothing inside to see. 

The San Fernando Cathedral, from the side.  Some of the dead folks from the Alamo are interred inside.  The not-so-flying buttresses are difficult to resolve in three dimensions here, shades of Escher again.  This architectural characteristic is common even in modern buildings. 

A newer version of not-so-flying buttresses in a modern construction. 

The old and the new.  My favorite pic in this set.  This is the same building as is on the left in the panoramic shot, the Drury Plaza Hotel. 

This is the Nix Professional Building.  It's a hospital. 

High saluting.  Nix again. 

The Tower Life Building and a church I presume. 

University of Texas, San Antonio, downtown campus.  A pretty, almost beautiful campus but your thoughts are completely drowned out by the elevated highway 35 next door. 

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