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Thursday, March 25, 2010

San Antonio: Store Fronts and Such

Smaller and older street level buildings showed character not necessarily beauty. 

Right this way!  Without the sign, we wouldn't know. 

An empty store front.

Same building farther down the street.  Our model demonstrates how passing pedestrian traffic would react should you relocate your business here. 

Bill Miller makes barbecue and given the size of this fleet of trucks, they must make just about all of the barbecue consumed in San Antonio and surrounding counties. 

Fruit?  Bakery?  Mexican Food?  Bee and Sisy have got it all for you.  When they're open. 

And right next door is Bee's and Sisy's Mexican restaurant.  Beyond that (partially visible) is Bee's gift shop.  I guess Sisy didn't want to go in on the gift shop with Bee. 

Obviously closed for the interim.  Fortunately some blue paint was available to help with closing. 

In case you want to buy or rent one of our store fronts, these guys can front you the cash for your front up front. 

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