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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Colors of San Antonio, part 1

This and the next post (will appear above in the blog) are pictures of the colors of San Antonio.  There are many multi-colored objects in San Antonio, whether people's clothes, decorations, buildings and locales. 

This is market square.  Love all the blue painted railings and doors. 

Pink building, pennants, white building, blue sky.  You'll see more of the pennants in the next post. 

A lion mural.  Native fauna I assume.  With several people helping put on the finishing touches. 

Psychedelic pattern.  Shades of the '60's!

Now that's a hat.  And it keeps the sun off too.  Outside the Alamo. 

Red brick, colorful door and window frames.  Sunlight turning every color warm. 

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