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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Former UCLA Hospital Entrance

This is the entrance to the former hospital at UCLA.

The view East as you enter the building.  Cars used to drive directly up to this entrance to drop people off.  More recently, staff would smoke outside the entry way, as close as they could to the overhang. insisted on rotating this picture 90 degrees, I have no clue why.  If you know, let me know in comments.  If I learn how to fix it, I will.  This is the entrance and statue to the former UCLA hospital.  Unfortunately there wasn't an easy web link I could find to the sculpture name and I didn't write it down.

Now empty, this hallway was once jammed at all hours of the day with families waiting on outcomes of loved ones' surgeries.  The help desk was in the center front, now boarded up.  The hospital shop was on the left, selling candy, expensive flowers, cards, toys for children and gifts for ill patients.

This is the view to the right.  I never noticed the open area beyond the windows previously, due to the distractions of the waiting families.

Entrance view to the left.  Again not something I ever noticed behind the bulwark of families waiting to be called.

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