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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Acropolis Close-up

I'm ready for my close-ups now.  Several of these photos were taken with the camera rotated.  Blogger is really going to town in insisting that they be presented sideways.  Only one of four rotated photos in these first two posts are actually being uploaded vertically.  I deleted one from the first post as not worth it...

This is rotated, thanks Blogger.  The holes show the wear and tear from the elements in this wall. 

This picture was correctly left vertical by blogger.  Looks like a door way, but these walls are still gorgeous 2500 years later. 

A closeup of the stairs: going nowhere just for show.  

Wall with decorations?  Possibly to help support a wooden framework?  

A couple of entrance ways have been reconstructed.  

A womb-like hole.  This is rotated sideways, it is a stairway that goes up to the summit.  

Architectural element just sitting there.  No wonder Elgin stole so many marbles.  

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