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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vilarinho Seco

Vilarinho Seco is an old heritage town.  They are no longer allowed to make modifications to the external look of the town.  Two things were new in the town: all the house numbers appeared new, and the electrical fixtures appeared recent and professionally attached.  So they had running electricity.  Not clear they had running water, but there was a lot of available water in the village, running straight out of the taps along the main road. 

This is a water driven mill.  As the stream goes past, it turns a wheel which grinds the grain.  This was a 'vertical' mill.  I guess the stone or water wheel is placed in a non-standard direction compared to most mills in the area. 

Thatched roofing.  

Water for the humans.  

A little chapel built by the owners of one of the houses on either side of the street.  

Storage facility, meant to keep the food cool and dry.  Possibly designed also to keep rats out.   

These two gentlemen were sitting against the water trough that the animals drink out of.  Both characters were happy to talk to us.  No doubt they thought about us about what we thought of them, odd local (non-locals) good for some information about the world beyond our usual boundaries. 

I asked them, through my blogwife interpreter about the electricity.  They said they'd had electricity for perhaps 20-30 years now.  I was a little surprised as the electrical hookups seemed so brand spanking new. 

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