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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Montalegre and surrounds

Montalegre is where Cabrillo was born.  Cabrillo was the navigator who initially discovered San Diego.   

Nearby is the Alto Rabagao dam and reservoir.  Many ghost fishermen were partaking of the fish in the reservoir. 

Bells in the tower by the Montalegre castle

Ancient baptismal font?  

How attractively you play with your dolly!  This was a cart sitting across the street from the restaurant we ate at.  Apparently every Friday the 13th, they have a festival and parade here.  

The stairs into our restaurant, from the vantage point of dolly above.  

A mannikin advertising his meat and fish.   

Montalegre Castle.  

This pyromaniacal gentleman was setting off fireworks, as part of a non- Friday not the 13th parade happening in the town.  We could see the parade march along from our vantage point in the castle.  And we eventually found the parade route and watched some directly as well.  When he finished the sack full of pyro technics, he went back to his car and got more.  Each went bang bang bang bang: 3 sets of four bangs. 

Here is Cabrillo's monument.  

Directional signs.  From here, you can get most anywhere.  

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