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Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Visit to Trafariense

Trafariense is a small coastal community on the south side of the Tagus across from Lisbon.  Friends of my in-laws settled here from Mozambique and opened a well respected restaurant Piri-Piri. 

On the shore, boats parked at moorings in the water.  In the background cranes possibly/probably for loading grain onto cargo ships.  There are a several large grain silos, not visible, off to the left of this picture. 

The sand was black with what I assume was oil, though I suppose it could be mud or dirt from the Tagus.  Sand elsewhere along the Tagus was clear and looked clean. 

A forlorn looking palm on the waterfront.  The waterfront is quite short, but looked as if they'd tried hard to make it into a small touristy place to visit. 

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