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Monday, July 25, 2011

Athens Odds and Signs

Offbeat items and signs I came across. 

Chairs on the street stacked and ready for setup. 

This in front of stairs to climb up a rock.  It was indeed slippery.  After several millenia of people traipsing across the rock and up the stairs, the entire surface was quite smooth.  No surprising it was very slippery even in the absence of water.  

Enough said.  I guess Freud would argue that swords are indeed male.  

Graffiti and a list of banned items.  I carried my own water; I didn't see food; I don't recall seeing a dog.  Why someone would carry a suitcase all the way up baffles me, though families with strollers and kids had the equivalent of several suitcases.  And several cars did drive along this stretch of roadway.  It closed a touch early for my taste.  I would have enjoyed a trip up in the early evening.  

Prickly and unattractive little beast.  But this is what you have to do if you don't want pigeons pooping all over your ductwork. 

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