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Friday, July 8, 2011

Lets go, Lisboa

No, not "Let go Lisboa".  Some pictures while driving around Lisboa. 

View off the road leading to the Ponte 25th Abril towards Belem.  Visible is Tor de Belem and the monument to the discobertas. 

The aqueduct.  Built in the 18th century just before the Lisbon earthquake, it delivered water to the city into the 20th century. 

These hills used to be covered with small shacks and shanties.  Still a dodgy neighborhood from all reports.  Cristo Rei is visible in the background on the right.  

One shot of the Ponte 25th Abril.  

Houses on the hill leading to the Ponte 25th Abril.  

Houses visible from the road.  Its always odd looking down on 5-6 story tall buildings.  

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