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Friday, July 8, 2011

Advertising Mannequins

These guys (and bull) have taken over.  No longer is Portuguese commerce restricted to wooden statues of Indians, someone is clearly on a roll providing novel mannequins to our local businesses. 

One of the few lady mannequins, outside a Cafe in Miratejo, the Cafe we did not patronize. 

 I don't recall where this jolly soul was vending his wares, but in Lisbon I think. 

blogger insisted on rotating this guy sideways.  One of the skinnier chefs on the market, he comes with a large menu for your viewing pleasure. 

This Miratejo fellow looked down on customers from the roof of his establishment.  

Lack of access to dentistry is a persistent problem within the Mannequin population in Portugal.  

Moo!  And yes, that does say ALE-HOP on her side.  And yes, girls do have horns.  

This guy wasn't actually selling anything.  He was guarding the President's palace in Lisbon, and doing a mighty fine job of it too, I might add.  

The small garden gnome variety of street mannequin.  Standing on a stool to better enable you to read the fine print without destroying your back.  

This Lsiboner guy may have been near Rossio.  At least, the other pictures I took at the same time were from near Rossio.  

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