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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Fountains of Lisbon, by Respighi

He should have written a piece by that name assuming he didn't. Lisbon has tons of fountains.  Some are quite entertaining.  Many of the modern ones are quirky though not all new fountains satisfy.  The first four are from the park near Jeronimos and the next three from expo park. 

This of course is a drinking fountain.

Large scale fountain.  

Two frisky horses.

The horses are in the distance.  I guess these are really ponds and not fountains.  

And this is a waterfall, not a fountain!  Near the aquarium box office.  

Yeah, it looks like a volcano.  And it even erupts like one as well.  

This spit of water was one of several flying through the air at Vasco de Gama mall. 

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Aaron said...

Some brilliant fountains here, especially liking the volcano one!

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