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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Billionaire's Rock Collection

Suppose you're a billionaire, and you've collected a large number of rocks for your rock collection.  Where do you store them all?  Here is the Portuguese solution. 

You store all your rocks in cages, stacked so high and yea wide.

And then you back up some and see more rocks:

 And then you get the full picture:  
That's a lotta rocks.
This was a set of rocks all of similar but hardly identical size, stacked and boxed in these wire boxes and used as construction material.  That's several stories high of stacked rocks you're looking at here. Just think what sort of compulsive person sorted all these rocks and then stacked them and stuck them in cages!

This picture is gratuitously added in -- this is part of the same roadway support as the wall pictured above, but this is some Frankenstinian-construct with bolts there holding the neck on. 

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