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Monday, July 18, 2011

You floor me Lisbon!

We revisit flooring, Lisbon style. 

This by the big fountain in the park by Jeronimos. 

No visit to Belem is complete without visiting this cafe where they serve Pasteis de Belem, warm and fresh.  The cafe was founded in 1837.  When we started our late lunch, there was a line out the door.  After lunch I was happy to see no line.  But before our party could rouse itself out the door and past the knick-knack shops between us and the Pasteis, not one but two tour bus groups standing tall in two straight lines wandered into the cafe.  I figured we were sunk.  Two minutes later we did manage to enter, but there was no sign of the two tour groups.  The cafe had swallowed them whole.  When you visit, take a little time to wander through the various rooms and look at the tiles. 

Sidewalk mosaic, not far from the presidential palace. 

Expo parque, one of the broad thoroughfares.  

And the view from the aquarium upon your exit.  Pictures of the famous pretzel seals.  

And even when there is no picture or pattern, the sun shines off the mosaic floors in interesting patterns.  

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