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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lisbon Graffiti

Featuring the largest graffiti I've ever seen. 

This building appeared to be starting renovations.  But someone or several someones had first covered the front with a substantial amount of the usual type of graffiti.  This sort of graffiti, on a smaller scale is common in Lisbon and environs. 

These remaining pictures were part of a three building graffiti including at least two sides of the end building that appeared to have been designed by one or at most three people.  This first graffiti took up the full side of this first building.  This is a small piece of the big graffiti, and shows the hand poking out of the building and holding a man who is functioning as a slingshot.  

Here is one full side of the picture, showing the masked and hooded slingshot artist preparing to toss a rock.  The next picture shows a closeup of the small sign above his face. 

I heart vandalismo.

And this is the front of the same building.  Two of the balconies are functioning as eyebrows.  The obese man wears a crown with the names of various oil companies on it, and is sucking on a straw.  His drink is earth clutched in his hands.  It may be part of the previous building side, if the stone is being aimed at the obese man. 

 These birds are on the back side of the third building.  

King kong but with a human face is featured.  He's actually in the building, with various body appendages sticking out.  The windows, which have all been bricked up are painted with the night sky and stars. He's chasing a crocodile which is on the front of the third building, but I didn't get a good shot of it as it was half in sun and half in shade. 

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