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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Reflections on Lisbon

Window reflections on downtown Lisbon. 

Bus reflecting on Lisbon.  Notice the graphics on the bus below the window.  From the left, (1) Castle on board.  (2) Read your book, (3) Hold your parent's hand.  (4) The person behind the desk is very friendly and has no legs.  (5) Take your seat, da##-it. (6) If you stair too long at a purple sun, you too will turn purple.  (7) The moon and stars await you inside this bus.  And finally (8) runners should run towards the front of the bus only. 

The clouds reflect off the building. 

This and the next picture are of the same building.  The glass looks cracked, and the figure reflected is also fractured. Looks like an outtake from that movie where aliens from Mars invade earth and Tom Cruise fights them off. 

I was hoping they'd come over to get me and take me away but instead they just let me snap this photo.  Notice the construction cranes in the composition somewhere. 

Here we get a full on picture of the building across the fruited plain.  

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