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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Street Scenes Around Lisboa

Various and sundry street scenes in and around Lisbon.

Traffic arrows before crossing the Ponte 25th Abril south out of Lisbon.  Cristo Rei visible on the left. 

This house in the foreground has been a point of curiosity of mine since my first visit to Portugal.  I've passed it many times on the road, and its clearly near collapse, but it is also equally clear that people have been living there continuously for as long as I've been visiting.  I've always wanted to go and take photos specifically of this place, but never have.  This particular photo was taken from the car as we passed by.  Almada is visible in the background. 

Graffiti stained walls, cars parked and a gentleman rooting around in the back of his van.  

Metro train on the south side of the Tagus.  

The streets of Laranjeiro.  I can picture the cop car flying over the top of the hill in hot pursuit of some chicken thief. 

Road down to the Tagus river in Trafariense. Trash cans out, Lisbon visible in the distance across the water. 

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