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Friday, July 8, 2011

Buildings in Miratejo and Almada

Decaying buildings are almost always more interesting than brand new construction, sadly.  These buildings are from around Miratejo. 

This little building is someone's home, and a business of some kind.  In the hotter evening, I've seen them bring out the barbeque and cook dinner. 

Little utility building with graffiti squeezed in between church school on the left and apartments on the right. 

Part of the Almada shopping mall.  

Apartment building life.  Balconies, some enclosed, some not; laundry hanging, television antennae, graffiti, slow decay, traffic, fully functional and occupied. 

Abandoned building on the road to the beach.  Vines taking over.  

Not well maintained, but it is in active use.  Cheap repairs on the roof, walls in need of patching and new paint.  This and the next house are in Trafariense where we had driven to eat at a particular restaurant operated by friends of my parents from many years back. 

Roof caving but still in full operation with trash bins out and laundry hanging.  Hope that laundry smells fresh and not of garbage.  

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