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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Portuguese Patterns

I love seeing patterns and near patterns in construction.  And the Portuguese definitely leave many patterns visible in their buildings.  Here are some favorites. 

A long moderately tall residential/business building in Expo Parque. 

And across the street, the retaining wall below the street is a favored playground of graffiti artists.  

Glass-railed balconies reflecting the building across the street. 

Reminiscent of gargoyles, drainage pipes for roof water.  As a pedestrian, if its raining, I'd prefer they took the water down directly into the street without it first splashing all over me. 

This building was blocks long.  This is the pedestrian walkway along the street. 

Vasco de Gama mall superstructure.  

A closeup of the Vasco de Gama roof superstructure.  They have water continually pouring down the roof leaving the distinctive coloration and light pattern.  Presumably helps with cooling as well. 

A wall of mosaiced color tiles.  Actually a sculpture with steps that you can climb up and peer over the top wall at the neighborhood. 

I think this was part of the entrance to the aquarium.  

Another park structure in the exposition parque.  

I'm not entirely certain what this tower was.  But it made for a pretty set of patterns.  

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