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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Signs from Porto and Northern Portugal

Another in our popular series on signs of the times.  These signs come from Porto and the north of Portugal. 

Imperial McDonalds.  No kidding.  Letting Portugal know who's boss. 

This car of the train is for (i) Handicapped folk, (2) People with baby carriages and (iii) People with surfboards.  I've always put those three classes of people together.  

Sadly, the World of Music Megastore closed.  

This is the high water mark set in 1909 in Chaves.  The next photo gives a little perspective.  

That's the bridge and your friendly neighborhood photographer shadows.  We saw a picture of the bridge earlier.  The water line is visible at the bottom.  Someone's house got wet that year. 

Water fit for human consumption.  

Old school street.  

A personal favorite.  Watch out for old couples walking along the road and him with a cane.  This particular sign was out in the middle of nowhere. 

Another warning: Beware of centaur shooting arrow. 

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