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Monday, July 18, 2011

Lisbon: Animals and Plants

Those funky Portuguese animals and plants, these from around Lisbon.  The first two pictures are at the Jeronimos Monastery and the third is a shot nearby into the Tagus river.  The remainder were pictures from the Lisbon aquarium, advertised as the second largest in the world. 

Odd tree.  See how the base narrows then splits into many trunks. 

Pigeon resting on the monastery.  

River fish swarming near what must be a food source into the river, perhaps sewage. 

These creatures received a big lift from the Pixar movie Finding Nemo.  The aquarium had a number of turtles that had been hurt and rescued and who were being rehabilitated for a hoped for return to the wild.  There are actually a number of giant turtles, and they can look quite different from each other. 


And puffins

and water fowl, perhaps a duck?

Sea anemones and reflections. 

Blue Man Grouper? 

Flat fish make for tasty eating, especially for those on a diet. 

Another rotation courtesy blogger.  Tree roots from one of the many parks along the Expo park up from the aquarium. 

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