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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Views from the Acropolis

Sweeping panoramas and intimate vistas from the top of the Acropolis.  As always, I tried to get the names right, and my apologies if I've named something incorrectly. 

Herod Atticus Theatre.  Still in use, though they seem to be putting on Italian opera.  Seat cushions are visible in my other shots of this venue. 

St. George chapel on top of the Lycobettus hill.  Hills in Athens are primarily used for TV, radio and cell phone towers it seems.  

The city surrounds the Acropolis in all directions.  The pall in the distance is from an oncoming thunder storm that never really arrived.  

Theatre of Dionysus.  

One of many Byzantine (I presume) churchs around Athens. 

Thesseion or Temple of Hephaestus I believe. 

Agii Apostoli, Byzantine church.  

I believe this is a view of the (a) observatory with the byzantine church of three photos ago on its right.  

I believe that says Piraeus Bank on the fancy reflective building.  With Athens sprawling beyond.  

More ruins.  

View of the side of the Acropolis with Athens in the distance. 

A rock that many people climbed upon to garner a view of Athens.  

A view from the other side.  

A more distant shot of St. George on Lycobettus hill.  

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