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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Its a Sign, Lisboa

Signs of the season.

Attention, mind your head and the ceiling will take care of itself.  Torre de Belem sign. 

My favorite pothole.  Warning car drivers that bicyclists will indeed try to run into or possibly under them.  Poor, poor car drivers. 

Not the world's greatest sign, but it does come with a story.  Last time I was here taking a picture of this self-same McDonald's, the manager runs out and tells me that I must not take pictures! No no no!  Presumably attempting to keep the world's at the time largest fast food chain safe from industrial espionage.  

No bathing.  Could be dangerous to your health.  They probably use recycled water.  Of course, what did I see a block or too on, but some woman encouraging her kids to jump in the water.  

They call me "Mr. Fish".   We did have an enjoyable fish here, though the price easily outstripped every other meal we ate in Portugal, almost by a factor of two.  The sides were ok, nothing great, but the fish was indeed something from heaven. 

Excellent science museum CaFe sign.  My personal award for best sign!

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