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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Buildings in Athens

Some buildings I found of interest.  Two were rotated by blogger, unasked for by me.  Does anyone else have this difficulty with blogger, that it can't upload pictures correctly?  I deleted one picture, and you can identify the other picture that is rotated fairly easily. 

Nicely rebuilt house, eaves and concrete walls, but the window coverings are dinghy and in need of paint. 

Roofing.  I spend a lot of time in Portugal and in Athens trying to get the right picture of roofs, and this was my first roofing picture, and in the end, one of the best pictures I took of roofing.  

Rotated window.  Notice the graffiti on the right, and the new paint tint starting just above the window frame.  

Interesting choice of window shades.  Not all windows are even still there.  

Another decrepit building, but it appears to still be in use, though some repairs are beginning to take place, given the wooden catch-bin at the bottom of the second story.  

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