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Friday, July 15, 2011

Its a Sign: Found Objects Around Lisbon

Some more signs, these from around Lisbon but also some found objects.  

The night club for the rest of us.  Are you a wild animal?  Large and water loving? 

I saw this in the ground, and wondered what the heck it was.  Talk about found objects.  Looks like a bunch of bottle caps of various sizes lying there.  

Then we continued along the sidewalk and this was immediately next door.  Smallest gas station I've ever seen.  Makes sense though, there were a lot of new car dealers in the area, and I imagine they must need occasional service.  There was no attendant as we walked along. 

Another recycling container.  Looks like a crane swings by overhead and lifts it out for recycling it itself.  

These two were in the basement food court of Campo Pequeno, the bullfight ring.  Mr. Pig here (They call me mister pig!)  Does have a real picture of a piglet on a spit about to go into the oven.  Not something Americans would all that comfortable with seeing I think.  And we'd probably call it misterpork, not misterpig. 

And yes, its a burger king.  This was not the only burger place in the food court.  There was a modern burger joint off screen to the right called H3.  

Yes Lisbon, we have a Lamborghini dealer.  However, it was closed.  Along Avenida Republica, I believe.  

Cute little go cars for rent around Lisbon.  Three wheeled, and very low to the ground, room for two.  And a cute tent in the background.  I believe this was at Praca do Duque de Saldanha. 

A metal dragonfly sculpture hanging over the entrance to a building.  You suppose it can fly?  I think it has a caterpillar dropping out of its mouth. 

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