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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lisbon Sidewalk Tile Patterns

Lisbon uses those small blocks for most sidewalks and cobblestones for many roads.  The stones are usually white but can be both black and white to make designs; they sometimes make very intricate patterns in the walk.  And they're pretty shining in the sun.  They're also bumpy, that is, slightly uneven, and your feet get exercised as you walk.  As long as you don't twist your ankle, your feet are in better shape walking over them, instead of on the flat straight boring sidewalks of America.  These sidewalks alone explain why the Portuguese are better at football/soccer than Americans: their feet constantly get exercised just by walking around their city!

Cobblestones in the street.  This photo actually doesn't belong with the remainder, which are all sidewalks. 

This one is up from A Brasileiro, a famous sidewalk eatery, famous because one of Portugal's most favorite authors used to sit there and write.  Notice that even the manhole-type cover at the top continues the pattern. 

 Rossio square and a few birds.  Somebody had to design this wave pattern. Waves and boats are common themes. 

Sun reflecting off the walk.  

Boat reminding us about Portugal's maritime history and the herringbone pattern represents waves on the ocean.  This is along Avenida Republica.  (If I have my streets correct.) 

Round dots inside the regular striped pattern. 

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