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Friday, July 15, 2011

Stairs If You Can Stand It

Stairs.  I love taking pictures of stairs. 

Is this the way into someone's residence?  Or an emergency exit?  Nice shadows. 

Stairs from the praca in front of the Teatro Sao Carlos up towards Praca Camoes.  

Shallow stairs up between two buildings, just above the opera house.  Usually stairs are much steeper than this in Lisbon.  I think the Porsche (see earlier posts) was up at the end of this alley or else parked along this street.  

Another Teatro on the street above the Opera Teatro Sao Carlos.  I'm assuming these were added at the request of either M.C. Escher or the fire marshall.  

You've seen the hand rail before, now see the stairs down into earth. 

A couple blocks from Rossio and the Elevador do Carmo.  

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