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Monday, July 18, 2011

BILONS Design Lisbon

Cool designs from Lisbon.  Its funny, but Europe seems more likely to try new things and to experiment, more so than the United States. 

I have no ideas what these three posts were for.  I would normally expect to perhaps see anti-car parking posts along here, the posts that the Portuguese (and undoubtedly in many European countries) implant in the sidewalk to prevent cars from parking. 

Chairs and table.  Don't you want the tables to have matching holes?  

Not every attempt at novel design is a winner, but these were certainly eye catching.  Also note the specific shape of the bench: designed for discomfort. 

Cubalibre bar and the (what else would you call it?) Vasco de Gama bridge in the background.  

Science museum.  Apparently bigfoot tracked dirt in.  

The metro station as seen out the back end of Vasco de Gama mall.  The metro station interior was, frankly, bizarre, hidden underneath what you see.  Huge spaces, dark plain concrete, doorways and stairs leading to unknown places, all completely unlabeled.  

Bike rack, novel design.  

Stairs on the outside of the aquarium.  For the fish to climb up and down on.  

Tile work on one wall of the aquarium.  This is the close-up.  The next photo is the big picture. 

Mural of tiles.  Either its a bunny or its someone kicking a small cuddly doggie.  Or its a fish.  

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