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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lisbon: Found Objects

More found objects around Lisbon. 

Part of a tryptich, the third sign on the right, off picture had an arrow.  Presumably where you could park your bike, or perhaps bring it on the train or boat or metro, as this is a major bus/boat/train/metro terminus. 

One of the trams, swinging left prior to taking a sharp right turn.  I strongly recommend taking a tram once, and also take one or two of the elevadors, essentially trams on rails that drag you up some of the steep hillsides.  

Statue of one of Lisbon's famous writers and a water plug on the right. This square is outside the Teatro Sao Carlos.

An overview of the square outside Teatro Sao Carlos.  Statue and fireplug is visible in the background.  But the picture is about the tables and their shadows on the square.  

Handrail descending into the depths.  

Statue of Fernando Pessoa.  She's sitting on his lap, but there is a chair for visitors next to Fernando.  This is outside A Brasiliero, which has beautiful walls, definitely worth a look. 

Somewhere along the way was a Porsche.  I also saw a Maserati being driven in traffic.  I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to drive either on Lisbon streets. 

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