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Friday, July 15, 2011

Water and the Waterfront

The Tagus river, and pictures from the boat crossing it. 

On the boat crossing from Cacilhas.  The tall dome is the Pantheon.

Castelo Sao Jorge on top.  

Construction cranes over Lisbon.  

From further back.  The yellow buildings on the waterfront with the white corner tower buildings surround Praca Comercio.  My mother-in-law used to work in the yellow building visible between the corner towers.  The boat used to land at the Praca, and it was incredibly busy with people walking here there and cars everywhere.  Now it is quiet with few people walking along.  The ferry and all transportation hubs have moved West almost one kilometer along the river. 

A close up of Praca Comercio. Above the Praca is the Se Catedral (Cathedral of Lisbon)

Fishermen and a waterfront building visible as we dock.  

A warehouse visible as we walk onto land.  

Another fisher with his gear.  

A view west towards the bridge Ponte 25th Abril and ships docked along the river with the gear for loading and unloading.  

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