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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Man on the Street

These aren't pictures of men on the street, sorry.  Or of a man, singular, on the street.  That's me, man on the street.  And these are my pictures.  What I see.  My POV. 

A well maintained home, with a high-R (keeps the heat out) reflective window. 

A guardian fence.  Notice the spikes on top, to help keep the riffraff like me out.  

A school entrance.  Lot of solid primary colors and a big huge sign.  More equipment, more futuro.  I don't know what equipment they need at the school, but its hard to argue with.  They should get the kids one of those construction site cranes.  And a combine.  The kids could learn how to build office buildings and bale hay the right way. 

Lots of recycling opportunities.  Hope that's working out for them ok.  That's the same school in the background.  

This is the old Miratejo Roman ruin.  I think it's circa 1990.  Some Italian manufacturing company.  I just made that last up.  

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