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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Athens came before Lisbon

I visited Athens and Crete prior to Lisbon.  Here starts a tour of my Athens photos. 

The view of the Acropolis from my hotel roof.  The parthenon in the center, the entrance to the right. 

Visible from the entrance.  There is another stairway fortunately.  That last step is a doozy.  

The Erechtheum temple.  These statues are still exquisite several millenia later.  

Another view of the Erechtheum.  Lots of light fixtures visible. 

Erechtheum again.  

Cistern or storage bin on the approach to the Parthenon.  

A picture of the Acropolis railroad.  Apparently there to help move stones and sculptures from and to the Parthenon to on site storage.  Blogger rotated this photo back from the vertical.   

Zillions of architectural elements lying around, some roped off like this, some not, usually along the edge of the Acropolis.  Some were quite beautiful.  

Ongoing construction to rebuild.  

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