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Friday, July 29, 2011

Chaves Collection

Chaves was a pretty town, with a number of places to visit.  We did not get to see everything available.  The church was in use when we went by, so we missed that.  There are some baths as well -- from above I thought the baths was a school, except they seemed to have a brewery attached.  There was a beautiful park/esplanade along the river with several interesting bridges across it. 

Town square.  Rather empty, and it was not yet dark. 

Narrow house with different architecture on each floor.  

Another 4 story narrow house with different architectural elements on each floor.  The top floor leans over the street outside to gain a few extra square feet.  

The left and the right side house-builders didn't communicate too well, and when they met in the middle, well, the result was not inevitable.  

Church window.  

2nd church window.  

The stairs on the outside of our hotel.  A sunbather is visible at the bottom by the pool.  

Remodeler's dream house?  That looks like roofing material on the near wall.  

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