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Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Tagus Yacht Center and Other Signs

A few signs around Lisbon.  I'm especially fond of the Tagus Yacht Center.

This sign is on the approach to the Ponte 25th Abril.  No pedestrians, which is a shame as I'd love to walk across; no motorbikes; I especially love the no cows part, and the no horse/donkey/oxen drawn carts -- I'm assuming no car would be pulling a cart like that. 

This decrepit boat landing is at the end of the beach road coming off Miratejo, to the sand flats on the south side of the Tagus.  A blow up of the sign is below.  

The Tagus Yacht Center!  I'm not quite sure how to translate "Onde a experiencia se encontra com a classe": "Where experience meets class" (my current best guess all with help from google translate), or "where experience meets its class" or "experience our class" or (with some help from babelfish) "where experience finds a classroom".  Some people actually docked their motor boats here one day, but no yacht was visible.  

Danger, explosives.  We have these in the US as well, but there would be a lot more ground and fencing between the publicly traveled route and the explosives. 


Anonymous said...

Well I dont quite understant this comments, because I am at Tagus Yacht Center with 130 yachts and motor boats and this has nothing to do with it, asking around that pontoon was at Seixal with that add for Tagus and was taken out due to works going on there, placed later on in this spot which is in the middle of if you want to reach to Tagus Yacht Center you will find how in the first 50 pages of google...not here!

biostatprof said...

I didn't put the sign there, I just took its picture! It was a rather sad, forlorn picture. I'm glad to hear there is a real Tagus Yacht Center someplace and I hope it is thriving! Next visit I'll try to find it and take its picture too.

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