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Friday, July 8, 2011

Balconies of Lisboa

Am starting to post pictures from my trip to Lisbon and Portugal.  This is a long series of posts!  It was a long trip after all. 

We start with pictures of balconies.  Mostly these are semi-modern buildings from the South of Lisbon.  Even not-very-interesting buildings have balconies, and even ugly buildings can have interesting balcony shots.  

First balconies.  Drab little building.  ERA real estate company is selling a double balcony apartment up at the next to top row.  I'm guessing two of owners have modified their two separate balconies into a single larger balcony. 

Smaller building.  Showing the different ways that people enclose their balconies.  

A modern balcony, nicely painted on a house in Laranjeiro.  

A long apartment block.  I'm not positive, but this is probably several buildings, all adjacent, built by the same builder at the same time with similar styles.  

This is in Lisbon.  A rebuilt building, quite pretty, squeezed between more industrial buildings to either side.  

Older building with old style rusting balconies.  In need of maintenance.  

Grand dame skinny buildings all in a row.  

More pro-forma balconies.  Good for tossing flowers to your loved one below, but not particularly functional.  

Modern balconies, south of the river Tagus.  

High rise.  People frequently enclose their balconies to gain functional living space. 

Shadows from the sun.  

Newer building showing beginning signs of wear.  

Older, short building.

Tiled building -- these are so lovely.  We'll have lots of posts of tiled buildings.  

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Anonymous said...

Most part of those "balcony" 70's look buildings weren't made by architects. In Portugal a civil engineer can sign architecture projects. Stupid laws.

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