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Friday, July 29, 2011

Chaves, Forte de Sao Francisco

Forte de Sao Francisco is one of two forts in Chaves.  We did not get to see the other.  Beautiful and interesting landscaping.  Not to many people in view, and I wondered how the workers were getting paid. 

Rooftops.  From the walk to or from the Fort. 

Portuguese are always ready for a battle.  

Bicycle sculpture.  There was quite a bit of sculpture around Chaves.  

Door and mini-tower for observing the walls.  Also blog-brother-in-law and blogdaughter.  

Corner tower for defending the wall.  Portuguese have put a lot into restoring their heritage, and Chaves was a clear beneficiary of the largess.  

More sculpture and tile art.  I forget the general on the horse.  The Roman name was Aquae Flaviae after the spa which was in use even by the Romans. 

View of gardens from roof above.  The sculpture and its tile wall is also visible. 

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