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Monday, July 18, 2011

Cacilhas Tall Ship Frigate

The Frigate Dom Fernando II e Gloria was Portugal's last tallship.  It sometimes would hold up to 500 passengers and crew for months on end, though you had to wonder how, as it wasn't much bigger than a modern jet. 

The sign says Fragata D. Fernando II E Gloria.  Aberta ao Publico todos os dias excepto a Monday.  Thats from Tuesday to Sunday except Monday doncha know.  Lighthouse or harbor control in the background. 

The front with a sculpture of Leonardo DiCaprio on the front having replaced the original Dom Fernando.  

Only my cannon pictures turned out well, so this is a cannonblog.  

The hind end of the cannons.  Imagine each of these needing something like a 10 person crew during combat operations!

 A cannon closeup. 

The capstan.  For pulling up and lowering the anchor.  Imagine if they had one of these and the associated chains traveling along the corridors of the starship Enterprise.  How long an anchor would the death star have needed to weigh anchor alongside Earth?  

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